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AC Cycling System for Telecommunications

ComAp’s AC cycling system for telecommunications allows a standby gen-set to be used to charge a battery bank that is used as the main source of power.


Gen-sets with AC alternators have been perceived as a market standard for many years and are still being used extensively across the world. Nevertheless, where AC systems have been traditionally used as an AMF solution, the new market trend tends to utilize 48V batteries as primary backup power source, charged by mains – if available – or the gen-set itself. This, so-called cycling operation, reduces running time of the gen-set and therefore rapidly decreases OPEX by saving fuel.

ComAp Solution

ComAp’s InteliLite Telecom continuously controls and monitors the BTS’s gen-set to charge a battery bank that is used as the main source of power to the load. Once the 48V battery is charged to the optimum level, the controller starts/stops the gen-set according to the battery voltage using the integrated Battery Cycling System. There are many remote communication capabilities available with the addition of modules IB Lite for ethernet communication, or IL-NT GPRS for GPRS communication. ComAp’s WebSupervisor is an excellent tool allowing for further remote monitoring and control of the BTS site via internet from any laptop or portable device.

AC Cycling System for Telecommunications
  1. InteliLite Telecom controls the BTS generating-set to charge batteries which provide power to the load. The controller then starts/stops the gen-set according to the status of battery bank using the integrated Battery Cycling System.
  2. IB Lite (ethernet communication plug-in module) or IL-NT GPRS (GPRS communication plug-in module) allow for excellent remote control and monitoring capabilites
  3. BTS site can be controlled and monitored via any laptop or portable device using WebSupervisor. iOS/Android app available to download for free.

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