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Prime Power System - MRS

Manual and remote start (MRS) system for a single gen-set, commonly operating in locations with no available power from the grid. 


Manual and remote start (MRS) systems are typically used to provide prime power where the grid is unavailable. Common locations a prime power system could be found include construction sites, off-grid events, and off-grid telecom towers, among many other situations. Given the nature of the locations MRS controllers are typically placed in, the addition of ComAp’s CM-Ethernet module allows the user to remotely monitor and control the gen-set from virtually anywhere, drastically reducing the high operating costs of bringing in service engineers.

ComAp Solution

ComAp’s InteliLite MRS16 controller effectively monitors, protects and controls the gen-set and circuit breaker to supply the load.  The controller communicates with the engine management unit via a CAN J1939 bus. With the addition of ComAp’s CM-Ethernet plug in module, the user is able to remotely monitor and control the gen-set via the internet, using ComAp’s online tools such as WebSupervisor, drastically reducing the high maintenance costs of running a gen-set. 

Prime Power System - MRS
  1. InteliLite NT MRS 16 starts, controls and monitors the generating set and the circuit breaker to supply the load.
  2. IB-Lite plug-in communication module allows for fast remote connection of the InteliLite controller, leading to easy control and monitoring over the internet.
  3. The prime power system can be controlled and monitored via any laptop or portable device using WebSupervisor. iOS/Android app available to download for free.

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