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Efficient Load Demand Swapping using PLC and force value

This application is aimed at preparing easy-to-use Load Demand Swapping function with PLC blocks in ComAp controllers. Load Demand Swapping function is particularly useful when gen-sets with varying nominal power output are used. Load Demand Swapping ensures that the most efficient selection of gen-sets is running. 


PLC program for cyclic starting of pumps

This sheet describes function of PLC program for sequential switching of any kind of pump. It can be useful in cases where we want for any reason to have only one (or none) pump of maximum four running.

Screen modification for InteliVision 5

Some users using Intelivision 5 would like to modify or create their own screens, which will be more suitable for their application or for their actual needs. Now it is easy with using a graphical Screen editor which is a part of GenConfig PC tool.

The example shows step by step how to modify screen to be possible to jump from Main screen of InteliVision 5 to Synchro screen when synchronization to Mains is active.

Screen modification for InteliVision 8

This example describes step by step how to modify a screen to be possible change the Main screen of InteliVision 8 to the Synchro screen when the synchronization to Mains is active and back to the Main screen when it is inactive. The condition, Main screen is active at the time of synchronization, must be fulfill.

Screen definition example for InteliVision 8

This example describes step by step how to modify a screen to be possible create results shown in the chapter System schematic diagram.

Reaction to Gas Alarm, Fire Alarm. Control of canopy temperature

Every gas engine shall be equipped with a proper gas leakage sensing system and also with a fire detection system. As soon as these systems indicate the danger situation to the superior control system, the proper reaction is essential to minimize the damage of the controlled technology, a surrounding area and eliminate a possible impact on the people involved in the controlled technology (e.g. operators, etc.)

This document describes a recommended reaction in such cases and how such a behavior can be obtained using ComAp gen-set controllers.

Clear State Visualization

Use this example as a source of inspiration. The presented function may be used in many ways to enrich the SCADA experience and may help to visualize processes or events clearer.

This application shows how to utilize Line Diagram Editor (tool for InteliMonitor which allows to prepare user SCADA diagrams) to clearly visualize various engine states. It is possible to use prepared objects as Status Text to show status of engine. But in some situations it might be useful to clearly visualize the status of engine, e.g. when there is red alarm, when the engine is ready or not, so it is easily distinguishable from distance or on a first glance.

This manual shows how to utilize prepared images of engine in a way that the color of engine changes under different circumstances. The same principle may be used for various purposes (e.g. type of alarms notifications etc.).

Preparing the system for sudden load change

This application illustrates how to prepare the system for big changes of the load demand. These variations of load demand are typically caused by starting consumption of some appliances (e.g. industrial chillers). If the appliance start is controlled by an external device it should send a signal to the controller to inform it about imminent start of the device and give the system some time to react.

Analogue memory for value storage

This application shows how to utilize PLC logic and Force value function to prepare analogue memory which is refreshed by push button and can be used to store value at any given time. The source value may be changing continuously but its original value (at the time when the button was pushed) is stored and used for further functions. 

Complex Master Generator Circuit Breaker control

In this application we will show how to prepare complex control of Master Generator Circuit Breaker (MGCB) using PLC functions. It is possible to add MGCB to the group of gen-sets that are working in Island operation. Primary function of MGCB is to be closed after there are enough gen-sets synchronized on the bus to support the initial load. In this application we will also add overload protection that will trip the MGCB open if the gen-sets are overloaded and next one is not started quickly enough.

Temperature Monitoring Protection

Temperature monitoring can be easily prepared using Configurable Analog Input Protections. Output of the sensor for monitoring of the temperature can be connected to Analog Input of the controller. Setting of the required protection (Monitoring of Temperature – ANSI 47T) is then matter of seconds.

Signal Generator

In this sheet several designs of PLC programs are presented that allow users to generate various signals (triangle signal, saw signal, rectangular signal) with possibility of changing the generated signal by PLC setpoints (amplitude, length of the period, slope for rising and falling edge).

Simple designs of binary signal generators (on their outputs logical 0 and logical 1 are generated) are also presented. One design utilizes two Delay blocks and one design uses one Timer block and one Delay block.

These signals may be used in many ways in the controller logic or for control of external devices. Their properties may be changed easily to alter their function and this makes them suitable for universal usage. 

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