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InteliSys NTC Hybrid

Renewable/diesel hybrid system controller
Order code: IS-NTC HYBRID
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InteliSys NTC Hybrid is a standalone controller for hybrid applications that combine diesel gen-sets with renewable sources of power. It is suitable for off-grid (microgrids) as well as on-grid installations. It continuously monitors data from all sources of energy including solar, wind, hydro, energy storage and gen-sets.

  • Interface to PV inverters via Modbus RTU or TCP*
  • Interface to ComAp InteliGen and InteliSys gen-set controllers** via CAN
  • Optimised system efficiency by minimising the necessary dynamic spinning reserve while keeping reliability duringthe PV output drops; the InteliSys NTC Hybrid controller calculates and distributes the dynamic spinning reserve to the gen-set controllers
  • The Dynamic Spinning Reserve function allows the controller to adjust the output from the gen-sets according to the output of the renewable source. So, if the power output from the renewable source begins to drop, the controller automatically starts the gen-sets to ensure no drop in energy production from the system.
  • InteliSys NTC Hybrid communicates over CAN bus with ComAp gen-set controllers which manage outputs from gen-sets of different installed capacity and various manufacturers. Smart power management automatically select the most efficient combination of gen-sets based on their sizes to maximize fuel savings.
  • InteliSys NTC Hybrid provides interface to photovoltaic inverters with respect to the gen-sets minimum loading level. If the gen-set output approaches the allowed minimum, the InteliSys NTC Hybrid regulates the inverter output to prevent the engine from running underloaded.
  • Extensive flexibility due to built-in PLC to cover complex site control and various operating scenarios
  • Synchronisation of gen-sets with the mains and export/import limitation control to fulfill the utilities needs in on-grid application
  • AirGate connection and WebSupervisor offer remote monitoring and full control of the whole site
  • Data acquisition from all power sources provides detailed statistics about energy yield in selected interval (day, week, month) and gen-set fuel consumption

* the Modbus master ability is achieved via additional
PLC module (Product name: InteliFieldbus Gateway,
order code: CM1IFGATBBB)
** IGS-NT-Hybrid 2.2.2 firmware and Hybrid software key must be
used for compatibility and to ensure prevention from
gen-set underloading

Benefit-Configurability - InteliGen NT
Configurability Excellent configurability to match customers‘ needs
Benefit-Monitoring - InteliGen NT
Monitoring Easy remote monitoring and management with online tools
Benefit-Flexibility - InteliGen NT
Flexibility Modular construction and PLC functions

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